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About Us

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Workafinda launched in 2020, is small start-up initiated to provide a service to users with just a few clicks. We offer a mobile application system whereby customers can easily get connected with workers on a safe and secure plateform. WorkaFina (Pty) Ltd. is a private and independent company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively combat unemployment in South Africa and subsequently reduce poverty. We aim to achieve this by providing a platform for ordinary South Africans to connect directly to those seeking employment. We acknowledge the magnitude of poverty in South Africa and we believe that under collective good citizenship, we can significantly impact unemployment in our country.

Our Story

WorkaFinda was created by Adrian Siebritz in 2020, however, the conception was initiated years prior. “Every morning on my commute to work, I noticed many unemployed people standing at the traffic lights in search of work. Due to the current economic climate in South Africa, unemployment is exponentially increasing and will become a big problem to solve. As a citizen, I felt obligated to help eradicate this phenomenon. In 2019, I started playing with the idea of using technology to look at innovative ways to address this growing unemployment problem in South Africa. WorkaFinda was born out of this desire”. WorkaFinda is a mobile app that aims to transform the South African job market. Our mobile app is simple and fully featured so users can focus on posting jobs or get hired. Best of all – it’s free, secure and safe to use without any subscription fees. Today, we're proud to empower individuals and small business owners around South Africa. Everyone deserves a job, and we're excited to see what you acquire.

"We hope you enjoy our product in the same way as we enjoy offering it to you"

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